•  MVOOSH recognises that middle childhood is the important stage that bridges the chasm between early childhood and adolescence. Staff at MVOOSH work together to create an environment that is both supportive and challenging, providing interactions that foster social, emotional, physical and cognitive development through a fun play based program. The program offers safe challenges, opportunities for decision making and leadership, and individual and group activities designed to foster positive self-esteem and confidence, whilst encouraging independence and autonomy.
  •  MVOOSH values and respects each child's uniqueness and is inclusive of all children.
  •  MVOOSH recognises the importance and diversity of families and values each family's involvement at the centre.
  •  MVOOSH management values a collaborative approach to service provision, consulting with staff, children, families and the community on relevant matters.
  •  MVOOSH acknowledges and values staff, for their skills and experience and for their consistency in interactions with the children.
  •  MVOOSH is committed to inclusive and equitable practices.


  •  To provide a safe, friendly, relaxed environment.
  •  To provide high quality care that meets individual needs.
  •  To work in collaboration with children, families, staff, management and the community.
  •  To provide activities that are interesting, fun and developmentally appropriate.